Introduction to Steampunk Fashion

steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion is a style of dress, often based on Victorian fashion that incorporates modern materials and design principles. I have to admit that I’m getting big into Steampunk lately. It started with corsets, boots and then a skirt. I think I’m going all out… What is Steampunk? A variety of styles have emerged within … Read more

Fashion Trends of Summer 2021

fashion trends summer 2021

There’s a lot of attention on fashion trends in autumn, but there’s something about summer that makes it even more exciting. Maybe the weather is generally better or maybe we’re ready for beach season but whatever it is, our focus goes to what we want to wear outside in the sun and sea. There are … Read more

Lark Lane Restaurants Liverpool

Lark Lane Restaurants Liverpool

Lark Lane run just behind the main shopping area of Lark Lane in Liverpool city centre.  It is located between Bold Street and Great Charlotte Street, close to the Central Train Station, Lime street bus station and St Georges Hall.   There are lots of really nice restaurants in this lane.  The best ones are … Read more

Edigo Review – Creating Online Teaching Resources

Edigo Review

Since I quit teaching 5 years ago, I’ve been enjoying the more independent and relaxed pace of teaching online. Needless to say that this has been a blessing since the dreaded coronavirus outbreak. I’m extremely grateful for my income right now. I currently mentor social media apprentices and teach foreign languages online alongside my blog. … Read more

Hanabi Card Game Review

Hanabi Card Game

What is Hanabi? Hanabi is a great Family Card game. It is a co-operative card game, which means that all the players have to work together to reach a particular end goal. The aim of Hanabi is to produce a fireworks display using the correct colours and playing the cards in the correct order. I first … Read more

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar Board Game

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar Board Game

Tzolkin is my new favourite board game! It is a strategy board game in which you need to collect resources to build an ancient civilisation and keep the Mayan God’s happy. It’s a relatively hot new(ish) game from 2012. The most exciting thing about this board game is the turning wheels or cogs. The cogs represent … Read more

Love Letters Card Game

Love letters card game review

Me and my sister love a good card game. We were recently at Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe in Oxford and we were recommended Love Letter by one of the game gurus. A great Card game based on Strategy and Luck! Love Letter is a fun card game that combines strategy and luck. The game is based on … Read more

Profit Accumulator Review

profit accumulator review

Many of you have been asking me about how I make money on risk free matched betting. The site I use to help me is called Profit Accumulator. I’ve been using this set to make money online for over 2 years, and have earned over £5000 in total! So today, I’m going to share with … Read more