Introduction to Steampunk Fashion

steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion is a style of dress, often based on Victorian fashion that incorporates modern materials and design principles. I have to admit that I’m getting big into Steampunk lately. It started with corsets, boots and then a skirt. I think I’m going all out… What is Steampunk? A variety of styles have emerged within … Read more

Fashion Trends of Summer 2021

fashion trends summer 2021

There’s a lot of attention on fashion trends in autumn, but there’s something about summer that makes it even more exciting. Maybe the weather is generally better or maybe we’re ready for beach season but whatever it is, our focus goes to what we want to wear outside in the sun and sea. There are … Read more

How to Save on your Wedding!

My recent wedding was so fabulous that one of my friends actually said that the pictures looked like a celebrity wedding from Heat or OK magazine! Now I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think that for a £7k wedding it looks pretty damn fabulous! I’m here today to help you to save on … Read more