Hanabi Card Game Review

Hanabi Card Game

What is Hanabi? Hanabi is a great Family Card game. It is a co-operative card game, which means that all the players have to work together to reach a particular end goal. The aim of Hanabi is to produce a fireworks display using the correct colours and playing the cards in the correct order. I first … Read more

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar Board Game

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar Board Game

Tzolkin is my new favourite board game! It is a strategy board game in which you need to collect resources to build an ancient civilisation and keep the Mayan God’s happy. It’s a relatively hot new(ish) game from 2012. The most exciting thing about this board game is the turning wheels or cogs. The cogs represent … Read more

Love Letters Card Game

Love letters card game review

Me and my sister love a good card game. We were recently at Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe in Oxford and we were recommended Love Letter by one of the game gurus. A great Card game based on Strategy and Luck! Love Letter is a fun card game that combines strategy and luck. The game is based on … Read more