Hanabi Card Game Review

What is Hanabi?

Hanabi is a great Family Card game. It is a co-operative card game, which means that all the players have to work together to reach a particular end goal. The aim of Hanabi is to produce a fireworks display using the correct colours and playing the cards in the correct order.

I first played Hanabi at Thirsty Meeples board game cafe in Oxford with some other fellow gamers who we teamed up with. It’s a brilliant short ice-breaker and getting to know you game. I’d also recommend it as a good educational maths game.

What is Unique about the Hanabi card Game?

In Hanabi, the catch is that you are not allowed to see your own cards. You have to hold them facing outwards in your hand. Only your team members can see the cards that you are holding. It is initially quite freaky to be able to see everyone else’s cards, but not your own! This makes it a great game for improving communication and teamwork skills.

How do you play Hanabi?

On each turn, you can choose to play a card or give another player a clue. The clues that you give to other players will help hem determine which cards they have in their hand. So clues will need to be given strategically.

When you play cards, you need to ensure that they are played in the correct number order and they must be in line with the correct colour. If you play a card out of sequence, you risk the bomb going off and losing the game.

Initially, Hanabi is difficult, but once you get used to it, it is really fun. It is a game of memory and co-operation.

Advantages of Hanabi

  • Great family card game with a difference
  • Tests your memory skills
  • Encourages you to work collaboratively
  • Good value for money

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