Edigo Review – Creating Online Teaching Resources

Since I quit teaching 5 years ago, I’ve been enjoying the more independent and relaxed pace of teaching online. Needless to say that this has been a blessing since the dreaded coronavirus outbreak. I’m extremely grateful for my income right now.

I currently mentor social media apprentices and teach foreign languages online alongside my blog. I’ve been delivering online lessons through various apps and online platforms including Whereby and Adobe Connect. I love delivering lessons over Adobe Connect because it allows me to do interactive lessons using my power points and uploading my own resources. I also create learning resources and email them to my students as PDF attachments.

What is Edigo?

I’ve recently started exploring how to improve my teaching resources – I wanted to make them more colourful and appealing for visual learners. That’s when I came across this new website called Edigo. In a nutshell, Edigo is best described as an educational Canva. You can register initially for free to get access to educational designs and content templates. It has tons of task lists, question lists and thought showers that you can edit for your learners. It’s also got templates with speech bubbles to fill in which is good for online language teaching.

Edigo Certificate Design

I love designing certificates on Edigo – they are really motivational especially for Primary school aged children (see above). You can even design your own educational playing cards. Once you have designed your resource or certificate, you can export as a PDF and send via email to your students.

Edigo – The Concept

The concept behind Edigo is to save time for your self as a teacher while creating the best resources for your students. The process is to create your educational activities with the graphics, share them with colleagues and parents, then discover and adapt the material.

Edigo the concept

I found it very easy to use – just like Canva really on ease of use and how you create material. You can choose a model that has been pre made like a template. Or you can design your own resource from scratch. It’s easy to add elements, text and choose backgrounds. You can also upload your own file, in case you want to use your own images for example.

Buying Educational Resources on Edigo

You can also buy ready made educational resources in the Edigo online shop. What’s great about the shop is that you can filter your search by level, subject, price (your budget) and the type of material you are looking for (e.g. task cards, exercises, exams, posters, playing cards).

Edigo – The Packages

Personally I use the free package right now, but I would certainly consider upgrading if I start to use it more frequently. They also do educational packages and so it is worth speaking to your school or educational provider to see if they want to sign up on an educational subscription.

Edigo Packages
Edigo Package Benefits

The subscriptions are as follows…

  • Free plan
  • Beginner $9.17 a month (billed annually)
  • Pro $11.67 a month (billed annually)
  • Premium $25 a month (billed annually)

There are also monthly payment options, but annual works out cheaper.

With a paid subscription you can work on an unlimited number of projects (the free plan limits you to 5).

A Way for Teachers to earn Online

Sales share Model

There is also an earning aspect to using Edigo – you can create your own resources and sell them using a sales share model. If you want to do this, upgrading to Pro includes an 80% cash back on sales and upgrading to Premium removes the watermark. This means that teachers can earn an extra income from selling the resources that they produce on Edigo. And who doesn’t want an extra income right now?!


In addition, you can also get a referral link when you sign up, and this means that you can earn from introducing new people to Edigo. So you can make money by introducing other teachers and educators to the platform.

Overall Verdict

I’ve got to say that I really love this new tool. Edigo is great for creating visually appealing resources for teaching, and it’s as easy to use as Canva. Make your life easier and your lessons better by sending your students these personalised resources. They will be great for use in the classroom as they are printable, but for now while most of us are teaching online, we can email them to the students either before the lesson to get them to prepare as flipped learning, or email them at the end of the lesson for homework resources.

Edigo is also a great way to earn an income for creating educational resources. Many of us are looking for new ways to earn online and this is one. I’d be interested to know how you get on if you use it. If you do create and sell resources on Edigo I’d love to hear about it. Please comment on my blog below.

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