Lark Lane Restaurants Liverpool

Lark Lane run just behind the main shopping area of Lark Lane in Liverpool city centre.  It is located between Bold Street and Great Charlotte Street, close to the Central Train Station, Lime street bus station and St Georges Hall.

  There are lots of really nice restaurants in this lane.  The best ones are ‘ Tangerine “, ” Baa Bar and Grill ” and ‘ Milo Lounge ‘.

1) Tangerine: Oriental food with a fusion of Asian and Indian dishes.  It has a very dim environment inside, but it makes the place look more relaxing and warm.  It is the best restaurant in Lark Lane and I have tried many dishes there, but my favourite one is ‘Dum Aloo Tikka’ (Indian style potato dish) and ‘Spicy Paneer Tikka’ as meat alternative. 

2) Baa Bar and Grill: Simple but really nice food are served here.  I tried out their ‘Cheesy Nachos’, it was so delicious that I crave for it till now.  The nachos comes with different toppings such as sour cream, guacamole, salsa and jalapenos sauce.

3) Milo Lounge: It is a very popular restaurant in Lark Lane.  It is nice to spend some chill time with your friends here. I have tried ‘ Milo Cheese Melt ‘ and ‘Nachos’. The best thing about this restaurant is its delicious quesadillas.

4) Marantos: Italian cuisine such as pizzas, pastas etc are served in Marantos.  In my opinion, the best dish here is Pizza menu.  It has a very unique taste and I was so addicted to it.

5) Taj: This place serves Indian food and my favourite dish from this restaurant is ‘Aloo Gosht’ (Indian meat curry). The owner of this restaurant is nice and humble.

6) La Princesse: It is a traditional French restaurant. They serve delicious food and the place looks beautiful.  The interior decoration has classic modern arrangements which gives this place an elegant look.

7) Yum Cha Lark Lane:

It is a Chinese restaurant situated in Lark Lane.  I tried ‘ Crispy Chicken with Honey Sauce’ from this restaurant and it was really delicious. The chicken pieces were so crispy that they just melt in your mouth.

8) Mama’s Kitchen: One of the most popular restaurants here, which serves Italian cuisine such as pizzas etc. The place is very elegant and it looks like a five star hotel from the outside.  I tried ‘Chicken Quesadilla’ which was really nice to eat.

Conclusion: Lark Lane restaurants plays important role in tourism of Liverpool city, as many people visit this lane to enjoy their meal while shopping or travelling nearby areas of Lark Lane.

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