Appa Plush – Why a Flying Bison is the perfect gift on Valentines Day!

Appa, the six legged Sky Bison is my favourite character in the animated series Avatar – Last of the Air Benders. When the avatar chooses his Bison, he is told to choose carefully, because the Sky Bison will be a friend for life. I was delighted to receive my Appa Plush from my lovely boyfriend, Simon.

My Appa plush is very cute and cuddly, but what is even more exciting is the special relationship that a Sky Bison signifies, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day or romantic gift. Interested? Read on!

Appa Plush – The Six Legged Sky Bison

Appa Plush Sky Bison

A Companion For Life

When The Avatar chooses his Sky Bison, he is told to choose very carefully, because a Sky Bison is a friend for life. Traditionally, every Airbender would choose a six legged Sky Bison as their lifelong companion and mode of transport. Appa’s loyalty and obedience to Aang is seen through his actions in The Last Airbender – he responds quickly and never hesitates to fight anyone who attempts to attack Aang. A Six legged Sky Bison will stick up for you, just like a good partner should.

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Appa stays by Aang’s side and takes him anywhere that he wants to go. For Appa to fly, Aang using the command ‘yip-yip’. Appa is believed to be the last of the Sky Bison, until Aang discovered a new herd. Fully grown Flying Bison weigh ten tons and they have stamina and strength. This signifies the strength of your relationship and that your companion is for life.

“I guess this means we’ll always be together.”

– Aang to Appa in “Appa’s Lost Days”.

Appa Plush feet

A Sky Bison will Miss you even more than You Miss Him

In the journey through the Earth Kingdom, Appa was kidnapped by sandbenders, while Aang, Katara and Sokka were trapped in an underground spirit library. After escaping from the sandbenders, Appa became sad and depressed without his companion. He wished immensely to be reunited with Aang.

When Appa and Aang were finally reunited after weeks apart, they were delighted to see each other. A Sky Bison is the perfect gift for Valentines, as it signifies that your partner will always miss you when you are gone, and that without each other, you are incomplete.

“I missed you more than you’ll ever know, buddy.”

Aang after retrieving Appa in “The Earth King”.

Momo Plush Last Airbender

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