Review of the Liverpool Jelly!

Today I headed over to Sensor City to take part in the ‘Liverpool Jelly’. You can find out more on

What is a ‘Jelly’?

‘What is a jelly?’ I hear you ask! Well, it’s got nothing to do with eating a wobbly dessert! A Jelly is a networking event where freelancers and business owners come together to work collaboratively in a productive environment.

The Problem with Working from Home

I do love working from home. It gives me the freedom to work the hours that I want to and to take breaks at any time. It’s also quite refreshing to be able to pop to the fridge and get a snack, or pop a load of washing in. However, the danger is that you fall into the trap of being less productive. By the time I’ve setup in my office, made a plan, had some breakfast and done the washing and the dishwasher, I look at the clock and it’s almost lunch! 😉

My Review of the Liverpool Jelly

So, when I found the Liverpool Jelly #JellyLiv on Facebook, I thought I would head there and give it a go. The ‘Jelly’ is at a different working location each month, and welcomes entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners who want to work more collaboratively. Today was a shared desk space in Sensor City.

The Jelly does go on all day from 9.30pm to 5.30pm, but arrived at around 2pm as I had a client in the morning. It’s laid back in the sense that you turn up and leave whenever you like, so you don’t have to worry about being there bang on starting time. Neil, one of the co-ordinators was extremely welcoming, and the session was a combination of work and social chatter alongside some productive work on our laptop.

I found it easier to get stuff done at the Jelly, because people around you are working, and so it inspires you to get stuff done! You also feel like you should make proper use of the office time. I set myself a goal of two blogs written and published, and I met my target. I wrote this blog along with another travel blog on Pyrenees hiking.

There was also free tea and coffee and a few nibbles available in the kitchen, so we were well looked after and hydrated.

Overall, it was different to the kind of networking that I’m used to. I often attend networking events where you have a 1-2 minute ‘pitch’ to tell people what you do, followed by circulating and collecting business cards. The ‘Jelly’ was much more informal and focused on getting work done in a comfortable and friendly environment, rather than shoving business cards down people’s throats! I like it 😉

Will I attend a ‘Jelly’ again? Absolutely. The Liverpool Jelly next week is at Spaces at the Tea Factory – I will be sure to head along. If you fancy it, just rock up!

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