Why I buy Irregular Choice on Amazon or Ebay (not from their store)

I adore irregular choice shoes. Have done for years. I even wore irregular choice wedding shoes! BUT….I only ever buy them online. And not necessarily from Irregular Choice themselves. Quite often on Amazon or EBay.

Harsh, you might think? After all, by going to try them on in a branch and then ordering them from a different retailer online means you’re not really paying the guys and gals who helped you to try them on in the first place. However, there are valid reasons for buying Irregular Choice shoes online.

1. Irregular Choice Stores don’t offer refunds

There’s a sign on the counter which you may or may not have missed. It basically says that Irregular Choice don’t offer refunds. They only allow credit notes or exchanges. NO REFUNDS on store bought products. So if you get them home and change your mind, tough. That’s not good service considering that a trip to Clark’s or Kurt Geiger will allow you up to 30 days to get a refund on non sale items. If you order online, you are covered by long distance selling laws, which gives you up to 14 days at least to get your money back if you want or need to.

2. Irregular Price shoes are cheaper elsewhere

As much as I’m up for supporting businesses, if it’s cheaper to buy a product elsewhere of course I’m gonna choose to pay less for it. Irregular Choice as a business have made the stupid mistake of not regulating their prices or providing an RRP (recommended retail price) to their wholesale customers. This means that 9 times out of 10 the pair that you want will be a third cheaper on Amazon.

3. You are Protected by Distance Selling Laws

By ordering online, you are protected by distance selling laws. That means that even if there is no fault with the goods, you are allowed to return and get a full refund within reason up to 30 days.

I LOVE Irregular Choice shoes, but think about whether shopping in their store is worth the extra cash and less protection. Ideally, I’d love to shop at Irregular choice direct, and if they change their refund policy, I will change where I shop!

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