Profit Accumulator Review

Many of you have been asking me about how I make money on risk free matched betting. The site I use to help me is called Profit Accumulator. I’ve been using this set to make money online for over 2 years, and have earned over £5000 in total! So today, I’m going to share with you my Profit Accumulator review (You can sign up to Profits Accumulator here).

What is Matched Betting?

Before we start, let me briefly introduce matched betting. To be clear – matched betting is not gambling, it is cashing in on the free bets offered by the bookies. That’s why it’s often called ‘bonus blagging’. You may, of course, want to steer clear of matched betting if you have a gambling problem or potentially could get sucked into a gambling mindset. But if you follow the rules of matched betting properly, you can potentially earn around £1000 a month. And remember, that’s tax free and often in addition to your salary.

How does matched betting work? You need to fund your gambling accounts initially with around £100 in your exchange (I recommend Betfair Exchange) and £10-20 in the bookies depending on their special offers. First you place a ‘qualifying bet’ which you lay (lay betting is betting against) on the exchange so that your loss is minimal. You are betting for something on the bookies and against it on the exchange, so your loss should be less than £1 depending on the odds. Then the bookies will release ‘bonus offers’ which consist of free bets. When the free bets are released, you then do the same again with your free bet – bet it on the bookies and lay it (bet against) on the exchange. For a £10 bet you can expect to make around £7-8 (this would be around £6-7 pure profit if your qualifying bet was a loss of around £1). For a two step process with a few clicks online, this can easily work out as £50 an hour, TAX FREE! Chi-Ching!

So how do you calculate how much to lay on the exchange to cash in on your free bets? That’s where you need to choose an online tool such as Profit Accumulator with calculators that will do al this for you. There are other tools such as Oddsmonkey, but I have used Profit Accumulator for a good few years now and I find it the easiest and best matched betting tool. So I hope that you enjoy my Profit Accumulator review, and sign up to make some extra cash!

Advantages of Profit Accumulator

  • Extremely EASY to Use!
  • Finds the free bets with the bookies so that you don’t have to!
  • Step by step instructions and training videos.
  • Divides offers into initial offers or SIGNUP offers and RELOAD offers so that even once you have done all the bookies sign ups you can still earn.
  • You can search reload offers in advance of big games and races.
  • Profit tracker – see track of your earnings online.
  • Gubbed filter – when you start to get banned from the bookies free bets (it can happen!) Profit Accumulator will filter out these bookies offers as you won’t be eligible for them when gubbed!
  • Extra advanced features for experienced matched betters such as Acc Catcher, Each way catcher and dutching.
  • A selection of advanced calculators for when your matched betting skills progress.
  • Forum available to discuss offers with other matched betters and share tips.

Is profit Accumulator worth the Subscription Fee?

I would say absolutely, yes it is worth the subscription fee of £17.99 a month. That’s because if you spend just half an hour each day (around 4 hours a week) you can make at least £250-500 per month extra cash. The time and effort that Profit Accumulator saves you is well worth it – I’ve been a full member for two years. You can also earn loyalty discounts.

Could you do matched betting without Profit Accumulator? Probably, but you would…

a) Need to spend ages searching for offers and manually matching the odds b) Be really good at maths and have the formulas all worked out in spreadsheets!

It’s simply not worth worrying about these things when Profit Accumulator does it all for you.

Profit Accumulator Review – Do the Free Trial!

The great thing about profit accumulator is that there is a free trial. From this, you can do two qualifying bets releasing free bets from CORAL and BETRED. Once you have placed and layed the free bets, you will be around £45 up.

Profit Accumulator Review - Free Trial

Sign up for the free trial here.

It’s so easy to use, you simply click on the sign up offers first of all, then click on the bookie that you want to work on. With profit accumulator, you then get videos and/or step by step instructions on how to cash in from the free bets…

Profit Accumulator Review

So, let’s say you have released a £10 free bet on William hill, how do you know what to bet? You will first use the ODDS MATCHER to identify bets where the odds match closely on the bookies and the exchange. Closely matching odds minimises your qualifying losses and maximises your profits on the free bets.

For example, here’s a search for a BETFRED matched bet…

Profit Accumulator Review - Odds Matching

You might go for ‘Straganone’ as a good profit from a freeboot, or if you don’t have big funds in your exchange, you might go for ‘Ispolini’. Either way, you will probably make £7 on a free £10 bet at these odds.

You can filter by bookies and exchange, and also for sport (e.g. football or racing) which is perfect for particular offers. You can also set a minimum odds which you might put at say 2 for a qualifying bet depending on the offer (to keep liability low) or 5 for free bets (to keep profit high).

Profit Accumulator Odds Matching Filter

Once you have matched the odds, you simply put into the Matched Betting calculator whether it is a qualifying bet or free bet, how much the bet is for and what the odds are. The matched betting calculator will then work out how much you need to lay on the exchange to profit.

Here’s an example of using the Profit Accumulator Matched Betting calculator for a £10 free WILLIAM HILL bet at odds of 5 and lay odds (exchange) of 5.4…

Matched Betting Calculator

Can you continue to earn money Matched Betting after the Sign Ups are Complete?

Absolutely – there is a whole section on reloads. This includes ‘clubs’ where you can sign up for a free weekly bet if you bet so much (e.g. Sky Bet Club). Also you can look for special offers such as Accas or certain tournaments e.g. cup finals and Grand National. There are always new offers to be had and always new bookies coming on the market.

You can improve your matched betting skills as time goes on. So in the beginning you will mainly be doing BET10 GET10 type of offers. However, Profit Accumulator can also teach you how to lay Accas (accumulator bets) and do ditching (bookies against bookies rather than bookies played off with the exchange). The training videos and step by step guides are excellent resources.

Profit Accumulator Forum

If you are struggling or looking for tips on a certain race, you can always post in the forum for support from other matched bettors. When you start, I recommend joining in the new members section. You can then progress to Casino offers and reloads.

Matched Betting Forum

Summary – Profit Accumulator Review

I hope that you have found my Profit Accumulator review helpful and informative. I’ve certainly made a fair amount of money using it, which has funded some of my wonderful holidays around the world. You can also read about how Risk free matched betting funded my trip to Thailand!

Remember to sign up to Profit Accumulator here.

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