Risk Free Matched Betting Profits are sending me to Thailand!

Many people ask me how I can afford to travel so much. It’s simple really – if you put the effort in and earn online, you can afford to travel. I earn from several avenues including my blog (affiliate marketing) and my properties (being a landlord). But one of my best side hustles to date is definitely risk free matched betting. In fact, risk free matched betting profits from just 3 months are sending me to Thailand. £460 for the flight and £540 spending money – that’s 30 days in Thailand!

What is Risk Free Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is where you essentially cash in on the bookies free bets and make a profit. You always match your bet on the exchange so, unlike real gambling, you always make more than you lose. For example, if there is a sign up offer with William Hill that says bet £10, get £30, you do that, but match the bets on the exchange.

So, if you bet £10 on Liverpool, you then calculate the lay (bet against) using a matched betting calculator and bet against Liverpool on Betfair Exchange. When the bet plays out, your money will show up either in the bookie or the exchange, depending on whether Liverpool win or lose. You will probably end up around £1 down at this point.

William Hill will then release your 3 X £10 free bets and you will simply repeat the process. Find the closest odds and then bet for and against using a ‘free bet calculator‘. This time, depending on the odds, you will cash in on between £7-8 per free £10 bet. Altogether, after running these three free bets through, you should be around £21-24 in profit. Ans the best thing about it? It’s risk free!

No Risk Matched Betting

Using Profit Accumulator – Matched Betting Site

To make the most out of risk free matched betting, I recommend that you use one of the best matched betting sites. My site of choice is Profit Accumulator. It costs £17.99 a month, but I make on average £100-£300 a month (and that’s alongside my other job) so it’s well worth the investment. Profit Accumulator researches the offers for you and matched the odds. The offers section saves you time and tells you how to make the most money from your free bets. The matched betting calculator helps you calculator the value of your lay bet. Chi-Ching! Sign up here and you will make around £30-40 profit from the free trial without paying a penny.

Risk free Matched Betting Calculator

If anyone wants to know more about matched betting, contact me. Remember, don’t fall into the gambling trap and always match your bets accurately

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