Earn Online

I love to help people earn online. It gives them the freedom that they deserve, whether it’s handing in their notice to an unruly boss, becoming a digital nomad to travel the world or work from home to spend more family time. Here are my top links to help you to earn online:

Freelancing – People Per Hour

People Per Hour is the best freelancing platform that I have found so far. I freelance in social media consultancy and management. But on there, you can find designers, web developers, copy writers and translators. Whatever you do as a freelancer, you will probably be able to advertise yourself here. Sign up with my link and you will immediately receive a £30 discount voucher that you can use for outsourcing.

Affiliate Marketing – AWIN

AWIN is the best affiliate marketing platform out there. With my travel blog, I am affiliated with booking.com and expedia.com through AWIN. They have affiliates in all industries from financial products to retail. Set up an account and you will be able to register your blog and sign up for commission.

Risk Free Matched Betting

I can earn anything from £100-£700 a month on Risk Free Matched Betting, and that’s even alongside a full time job! Matched Betting is when you cash in on the free bets on the bookies and guarantee that you profit by laying off your bets on Betfair Exchange. If you bet for a team on the bookies, and against on Betfair Exchange, you can make around £7 profit for each £10 free bet. Do several of these and your profits will quickly mount up. I recommend that you use one of the best matched betting sites such as Profit Accumulator to help you to do this accurately and efficiently. Sign up here.