How to Save on your Wedding!

My recent wedding was so fabulous that one of my friends actually said that the pictures looked like a celebrity wedding from Heat or OK magazine! Now I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think that for a £7k wedding it looks pretty damn fabulous! I’m here today to help you to save on … Read more

Happy International Womens Day 2018

International Womens Day 2018

8th March every year celebrates International Womens Day around the world. Happy International Womens Day 2018! As well as a celebration of some of the fabulous women who have made history by standing up for women’s rights, it’s also a chance again for women today to voice their opinions. Despite further progress made in equality … Read more

Review of the Liverpool Jelly!

Today I headed over to Sensor City to take part in the ‘Liverpool Jelly’. You can find out more on What is a ‘Jelly’? ‘What is a jelly?’ I hear you ask! Well, it’s got nothing to do with eating a wobbly dessert! A Jelly is a networking event where freelancers and business owners … Read more

Highlights of Morocco

Highlights of Morocco

Morocco is one of my favourite travel destinations! The first time I went for 6 weeks, and the second time I took my mom for 2 weeks. It’s got everything that you’d desire from a ‘culture vulture’ perspective – Mosques, history, Arabic language, gorgeous food (Oh, the tagine!) and amazing people. The Berber people of … Read more

My Network Marketing and Why I no longer do Arbonne

Arbonne network marketing

Many of you ask me frequently about network marketing as you know that I was involved in network marketing with Arbonne for a couple of years. I’d like to share my story of network marketing with Arbonne – the good and the bad, and explain why I’m no longer involved. Here’s my truth about network … Read more

Rainforest Diorama and Ecosystem in a Shoe Box

I’m a qualified Geography teacher and here to show you how to do a Rainforest Diorama or Ecosystem in a shoebox either at school with your students or at home with your kids. Geography model making is an extremely fun and creative way to learn. I used these with Key Stage 3 Geography (11-12 year … Read more

Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe Oxford

Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe Oxford

In 2014 I moved to Oxford to make a new start. 2013 had been a tough year in more ways than one. Oxford seemed like a great place to start a fresh after everything that had happened. My sister was already there and I could get to London within an hour from Bicester North. Oxford … Read more