5 Industrial Furniture Ideas to Transform your home

Many of you who know me will be aware that I love a good solid piece of industrial furniture! It can completely transform a room in your home, giving it a real rustic or steampunk look. I enjoy seeking out good pieces of second hand furniture that is industrial and stylish. But did you know that there are plenty of places to order industrial furniture online now. I’m not sure how I feel about that! It’s becoming more common, but with the added advantage of being easier to find, so I think that’s OK!

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Industrial Furniture Ideas

Here are some of my favourite Industrial Furniture Ideas…

1. Industrial Side Tables

For a rustic and cosy bedroom, go for a clean and simple industrial side table, like this one at price crash furniture. It’s simple design has a geometric shape and one drawer for keeping important objects close by. This table is perfect for your reading lamp, books or mobile phone.

2. Industrial Desks

An industrial desk will be practical and stylish in any study. Industrial style desks go well with traditional books, ancient maps and plants. There are some fantastic industrial desks available on Amazon, like this U-shaped industrial desk that allows you to spread your paperwork all around you!

[amazon box=”B09BCTDBG6″]

3. Industrial Shelving units and Wall Mountable shelves

If you want a really industrial feel, go for some wall mounted shelving units with pipe wall attachments. This Yitahome floating shelving with industrial piping is my favourite. This style looks great in kitchens and dining rooms. You can compliment the look with some industrial lighting.

[amazon box=”B08T957WL3″]

4. Industrial Coffee Table

An industrial coffee table is a great look for any living room. I love this metal framed HOMCOM industrial style coffee table which has a grid underneath for newspapers and magazines.

[amazon box=”B07MQ6C5WM”]

5. Industrial Bar Stools

If you want to bring an element of steampunk into your kitchen then go for some industrial style bar stools. The most popular are the wooden and metal combined, similar to old barbers chairs. This LOKKHAN Set of 2 Industrial Bar Stools-Rustic Swivel Round bar stools are an excellent choice.

[amazon box=”B08CMPWMS8″]

What’s your take on industrial furniture? If you have industrialised your home, please send some pictures – I’d love to see the results!

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