Best time to do a Buran Ghati Trek

If you are look for a short but challenging and certainly beautiful Himalaya trek then Burn Ghati could be the one for you. Located in Himachal Pradesh in the North of India, the Buran Ghati trek starts at begins at Janglik and ends at Barua. It is a challenging 5 day trek that will offer you a variety of landscapes including the contrast between meadows and ice walls!

Remember that you will need 8 days in total for the Burn Ghati trek because of travelling to and from the start and end destination. It is a moderate to difficult trek. Of course, always navigate these treks with experienced guides for your own health and safety. Never attempt to do a trek alone. So what is the Best Time To Do Buran Ghati Trek?

When is the Best time to do a Buran Ghati Trek?

There are two popular times of year to do the Burn Ghati Trek – Early summer (May to June) and September to October when there are beautiful autumnal colours on display.

Early Summer

The best time of year to do the Burn Ghati trek is from the middle of May to the end of June. Early summer is ideal for the Burn Ghati trek. The reason why this is the most popular time of year to do the Burn Ghati Trek is because the Buran Pass is a dramatic wall of ice in June and you get to rappel down the ice wall for approximately 150m, which is one of the main attractions of this trek.There are also numerous natural snow slides at this time of year which are extremely good fun!

September to October

If you are really not bothered about rappelling down the ice wall then an alternative good time of year to do the Burn Ghati Trek is September to October. Although there will be no repelling down the ice wall at this time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful variety of autumnal colours. Many trekkers say that it is more picturesque at this time.

What scenery can you expect on the Burn Ghati Trek?

The Burn Ghati Trek is famous for its contrasting scenery all in one challenging 5 day trek.

The Dayara Meadows

The Dayara meadows are most trekkers favourite section due to the natural beauty and intense colours. You will experience bright green meadows going down into the valleys and surrounded by coniferous trees.

The Ice Wall

The ice wall is the highlight of any adventurers Burn Ghati trek. It’s a 15,000 feet climb to the top followed then an exciting ice slide.

Villages of Janglik and Barua

The trek starts at the ancient village of Janglik and ends at Barua. These are picturesque Himalayan villages that will satisfy the culture-vulture in you.

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